As of May 15th, 2022, you must complete registration to text from toll-free numbers. Registering for toll-free means improved deliverability - and that it’s easier to get your numbers unblocked should you experience filtering. Another perk is that your texts will be sent from a single toll-free number, meaning that if you text the same contact again, your messages will be threaded, part of one conversation.

How do I register for toll-free?

To register for toll-free, you’ll submit a form embedded in Spoke. Account Owners can access this form on the Compliance page. If you have multiple Spoke subaccountsplease submit a registration from the Compliance page of the subaccount you are registering. 


Image above: Account Owners can access the form to register for toll-free on the Compliance page.

After you submit the registration, you should receive an email confirmation. The Compliance page will not update, however. Once your registration has been approved, the Compliance page will reflect that you are all set to text on toll-free.

Image above: Screenshot of the message Spoke will show when toll-free registration has been completed successfully.

What do I need to register for toll-free?

The information you provide will be submitted to vet your organization’s identity. Here’s what you’ll need to submit:

Basic information:

  • Legal Organization Name

  • Primary Organization Address

  • Contact Information 

  • A short description of your use case (why you're texting) and sample script

Specific requirements:

  • A link to your organization's website, complete with a privacy policyYour website must include a privacy policy stating how information collected on your website is used. 
    • NOTE: Your privacy policy cannot state that mobile opt-in data is shared with other organizations, like-minded campaigns, or affiliates. If there is language stating that phone number data is shared in your privacy policy, your registration will be blocked. 

What is a privacy policy?

A privacy policy is a document that outlines how your website processes the information of its visitors. Here is an example:

  • Mobile SMS opt-in page: A link to a page where your organization collects SMS opt-in, which must include an unchecked checkbox, the terms of your SMS opt-in program, and specific language that describes how often users can expect to receive text messages. 

Example of a mobile opt-in page that has the phone number field, the checkbox, the opt-in terms, and a sentence describing the frequency in which users can expect to receive text messages

Your mobile opt-in page MUST have these four things: 

1. Optional field to enter a phone number

2. A unchecked checkbox that allows users to affirmatively "click" to subscribe to text messages

3. A blurb confirming that signing up means agreeing to receive texts from the organization

4. A sentence in the blurb describing the frequency, with a number, in which users can expect to receive text messages, i.e. "no more than 1 message per day". Avoid vague language such as "periodic text messages".

How long will it take to get approved?

Registrations generally take 5-7 business days to be approved. 

Will an Actblue page work as my sign up page?

Actblue pages are not accepted. You can build a sign up page with another form builder, however, such as NGP, ActionNetwork, Google Forms, Mailchimp, etc.

When should I register?

The cutoff for texting over unregistered toll-free was January 1st, 2022. To start texting on registered toll-free, you’ll want to submit a registration well in advance of when you’ll need to use the toll-free numbers.


If you prefer to only text with 10DLC, then you do not need to register for toll-free.